It is 3:32AM and a white hot pain races across my leg. If I move, it flares angrily, if I remain still it continues to burn. This is the third time nerve pain has woken me up. I hope this will be the last, but I’ve learned to be cautiously optimistic.

The night brings in different beasts of pain.

My sleeping routine used to be pleasantly boring. However, at the start of the year I found myself waking to sharp pain. No massaging would make it go away and my skin would take on an uncomfortable pins-and-needles sensation. I ignored…

New York City shines with its brightly colored ads and not one, but two Spider-Mans. As Miles Morales finds his place as a hero, a new enemy steps onto the scene. It’s an enemy that can turn your community into an unlivable space, destroy your health, shave years off your life.

The name of this enemy is Roxxon Energy.

From the temple in Besaid coated in sea salt to the submerged temple in Baaj, the Hymn of the Fayth echoes, the source of the song deep within. There is a tale of death and hope that looms in the statues of former summoners that flank its main halls. In the comforting gloom found in these temples, the faithful quietly offer prayers to the stony visages.

Final Fantasy X throws players into Spira, a world caught in a cycle of destruction and death thanks to a creature known as Sin. Spira’s dominant faith, Yevon, and its temples act as a…

The spaceship hurtling away from the Haathorei moon is staffed with Torch’s newest recruits. What was meant to be a simple mission of investigating the reason behind a planet’s water shortage turned into a grisly battle with cephalopod monstrosities. Only later, standing around the operating table, staring at one of its severed tentacles, does horror find the recruits.

The danger never left them.

A botched roll of the dice has a scalpel slicing an organ, dozens of tiny eyes with sets of teeth bursting out. …

“You can’t do it, kid.”

Tidus is seven when his famous father, Jecht, reminds him he can’t do this. He will never be great at blitzball — not like him, at least. As Jecht shows off his trademark moves, Tidus stands to the side, humiliated.

Ten years later and the memory is still raw. It finds Tidus as he stares at a solitary blitzball before him. It’s both a challenge and an attempt to be seen by a father who isn’t there.

If you attempt Jecht’s infamous move — the Jecht Shot — his words will fly across the screen…


I still remember sitting behind the family computer in the early 2000s and popping in my scratched CD of The Sims. That quiet joy in losing yourself in different stories and characters has left me with pleasant childhood memories. Even now I can hear the piano chords when you switch to Building Mode. In this world, I could infinitely create (thanks to the Motherlode cheat), embrace my inner interior designer, and remove all the ladders from the pool!

The Sims grew and expanded throughout the years, promising people of all ages the chance to be creative and interact with the…

The first time any Far Cry game gives the player control, you’re thrown in a world that will take your breath away — figuratively and literally. Each game boasts stunning landscapes ranging from the foggy cliff sides in the Himalayas to a cluster of tropical islands. Against the backdrop of beautiful environments, the sound of gunfire, screams, and chaos fill the air.

We know the Far Cry franchise for placing players in unique locations where violence hounds you at every corner. Strapped with a gun, it’s a mad fight for survival. …

Four adventurers enter Revel’s End, a maximum-security prison meant to hold the most dangerous of criminals. There is a small window of opportunity to escape and a group member is missing.

Where is Rinn? Is he okay? Fear and doubt begin to fill the room. This is their only chance to escape. They need to leave now! The group eventually hears Rinn is being taken care of, but the uneasiness doesn’t leave.

Four entered Revel’s End at the start of Season 8, but only three stand outside of the prison at the finale.

It won’t be three for long, however…

It is time to say goodbye to 2020. The past 10 months have brought with it a grief that’s impossible to capture. While there is finally light at the end of the tunnel, in no way has it brought an end to this pandemic or its emotional toll.

2020 left my soul heavy with anxiety and grim news, but it wasn’t all doom and gloom. Hope and comfort came not only through people finding safe ways to connect, but through creative projects and games.

So if you’re feeling untethered, or just burned out from this past year, check out this…

In the first ten minutes of the game, I watch my boss casually murder the European Space Council with a phone call. See, there is a crisis taking place involving the company I work for (Arasaka), the Council, and Frankfurt. In order to buy some time to find a way out of said crisis, my boss murders the council.

I watch sparks fly from the ports on their necks, screams fill the air, and blip. The live feed ends. Just another day of working for a megacorporation.

In this dystopian rendition of a futuristic America — specifically Northern California —…

B. M. Gonzalez

A writer who enjoys analyzing video games. Dungeon Master, teacher, accessibility consultant, & fiction writer.

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