How Geralt’s journey with chronic pain is helping me with my own

Final Fantasy X-2 debates what makes a location sacred and worth preserving

Into the Mother Lands brings us back to space with a new hero on board

The power and lasting impact of the parent-child relationship in Final Fantasy X


Exploring the artistic journey of Maxis’ Concept Artist Nina Modaffari

A history of the Far Cry franchise so far, and what to expect from Far Cry 6

Diving into Rivals with the cast behind the popular D&D live-play show

Games and tabletop adventures that brought comfort during the COVID-19 pandemic

A deep dive into Cyberpunk 2077’s plot

How Cyberpunk 2077’s hostile architecture mirrors reality

B. M. Gonzalez

A writer who enjoys analyzing video games. Dungeon Master, teacher, accessibility consultant, & fiction writer.

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